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make friends (not find friends)заводить/найти друзей, подружитьсяE.g. It’s hard to make new friends once you reach your 30s.

strike up a friendship = start a friendship = form/develop a friendshipподружиться, заводить друзейE.g. Tall, blond, blue-eyed 18-year-old male seeks female 17+ to strike up a friendship.

cement/spoil a friendshipукреплять/рушить дружбуE.g. Once a friendship is cemented it will last for life.

a friendship growsдружба становится сильнееE.g. Friendship grows between them.

close/special friendsблизкий/закадычный другE.g. She’s invited a close friend she wants us to meet.

mutual friendsобщие друзьяE.g. They met through a mutual friend.

a (casual) acquaintance(случайный) знакомыйE.g. You may have known someone else for twenty years and yet he will never be more than a casual acquaintance.

keep in contact/touch [opposite: lose contact/touch]поддерживать связь/контакт/отношения [потерять связь]E.g. She promised that she’d keep in touch and I know that she will.

fall (madly) in love (with)(безумно) влюбиться (в кого-л./что-л.)E.g. ‘You will fall madly in love with Argentina,’ he said in his deep voice.

love at first sightлюбовь с первого взглядаE.g. It was love at first sight for me and John, and as the weeks went by I became more and more besotted.

the love of my lifeлюбовь всей моей жизниE.g. They are the love of my life, the only thing I live for.

return love/returned loveотвечать кому-л. взаимностью/взаимная любовьE.g. It’s terrible when love is not returned.

to be desperately in love (with)безумно влюбленный (в кого-л.)E.g. Neither of us planned it, but our friendship turned into love and we are still desperately in love.

make a commitment to each otherдать обещание друг другу/посвятить себя друг другуE.g. Now, they want to make a commitment to each other and I think it’s great.

accept proposalпринять предложение о женитьбе/замужествеE.g. You can accept a marriage proposal by simply saying ‘yes’ when asked.

love each other unconditionallyлюбить друг друга безоговорочноE.g. I love my boyfriend unconditionally, that means I love him for who he is and the decisions he makes.

have an affairизменять, иметь связь на сторонеE.g. He went on to have an affair with a gypsy girl.

cheat on smbизменять кому-л.E.g. I won’t cheat on him; I don’t care what you say.



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